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Milwaukee Waterfront Paradise!

About an hour and a half away from me is the beautiful city of Milwaukee. The waterfront hosts a variety of backdrops for some epic wedding photos! It's one of the best things about Wisconsin Photography. You can find fields, woods, and a major metropolis all within an hour of each other! Allie and Tyler found me online when they were searching for wedding photographers and love that I throw my own "artistic style" on some of the photos to create something out of a fairy tale. So as I started the day I knew I wanted to try some different things, I never knew it would turn out to be THIS AMAZING!

As the nerves were kicking in, both Allie and Tyler took a little time for themselves to reflect on life but the window at the Hilton Downtown Milwaukee

The guys took a minute to catch a drink in the Hotel Bar. There may have been some golf talks going on too!

With a HUGE smile on her face, Allie OWNED THE ROOM at her ceremony! And this church was absolutely stunning as well!

And we cannot forget the KISS!

At this point it was time for the wedding party photos, which were far from traditional. We shot them in a very dramatic focus, along with some goofy moves from some of the groomsmen.

After some fun with the wedding party I stole Allie and Tyler and with my wife Casey we headed off to the lake front to capture some of the best and more artistic wedding photos I've ever taken!