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Hi! I'm Josh...
and I'm NOT your grandma's photographer!

Josh Russell is based out of Orlando Florida and Green Bay Wisconsin. With a strong background in weddings, commercial, and lifestyle projects, he is an expert in capturing bright, cinematic lifestyle imagery. He prides himself on capturing beautiful wedding portraits from different perspectives than other photographers.



Josh's Recent Work

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You deserve the absolute best. That's why we want to make sure we are the right fit for each other. 


We do not take every wedding we're approached to photograph. It's truly important that we work with couples who share in our brand values.
We'd love to hear more about you and your story. Fill out the contact form and we'll be in touch basically as soon as humanly possible.

Over a decade in the wedding industry.

Raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Josh has always been an artist. Over the years, he has been wrapped up into something art based including a nationally touring musician, graphic designer, DJ, photographer, and cinematographer. Growing up as a troubled teen, Josh has spend his adult life traveling with his family, making memories and spending a lot of time being a "Full Blown Disney Adult". Currently Josh work regularly in Northeast Wisconsin, Orlando Florida and Nashville Tennessee. We love all of the wedding venues and other wedding professionals we work with but are happy to highlight a few of them(mostly northeast Wisconsin) in the "our friends" section listed in the header of this site.

Enjoy a stress free wedding knowing we are catching the memories for you!


Specializing in Same day Edits!

The hardest part about getting your wedding photos is the waiting. You wait weeks, and sometimes months to get back your photos, and yes you are extremely happy with the work you get back.

However! Josh Russell Weddings fully edits a portion of your wedding photos ON YOUR WEDDING DAY!

Once the photos are edited they are put on a small television for all of your guests to see at the reception! Great for small weddings but big receptions. Make sure your friends and family can see just how amazing you looked walking down the aisle.

BETTER YET! Josh Russell Weddings now offers SAME DAY PRINTS AT YOUR RECEPTION! These 4x6 keepsake images of our favorite shot of the day is a great gift for your guests to take home. 

Message us today to schedule a meeting to talk more about same day edits and prints! 

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