Turn on the sound to listen to our motto! We want to be your memory maker!

Specializing in Same day Edits!

The hardest part about getting your wedding photos is the waiting. You wait weeks, and sometimes months to get back your photos, and yes you are extremely happy with the work you get back.

However! Josh Russell Weddings fully edits a portion of your wedding photos ON YOUR WEDDING DAY!

Once the photos are edited they are put on a small television for all of your guests to see at the reception! Great for small weddings but big receptions. Make sure your friends and family can see just how amazing you looked walking down the aisle.

BETTER YET! Josh Russell Weddings now offers SAME DAY PRINTS AT YOUR RECEPTION! These 4x6 keepsake images of our favorite shot of the day is a great gift for your guests to take home. 

Message us today to schedule a meeting to talk more about same day edits and prints! 


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